About Dr. Gee

Christopher B Gee

Dr. Gee was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Before pursuing a degree in Medicine, he completed his Bachelor's of Science degree in Honours Genetics at the University of Alberta in 2005. He then completed his Doctor of Medicine, with Special Training in Research, at the U of A in 2009. Most recently, he received his Family Medicine designation as a Certificant Member of the Canadian College of Family Physicians in 2011.

His awards include the 2010 Misercordia Hospital Trainee of the Year in Family Medicine, and the 2009 Dr. Susan Rajee Koilpillai Memorial Prize in Family Medicine.

Outside of medicine, Dr. Gee's extracurriculars include badminton, playing the piano and viola. He currently participates as a member of the Primary Care Team Committee, and also sits on the Board for the Edmonton West Primary Care Network.