Useful Links

Alzheimer Society of Canada - Resource for families dealing with Alzheimer's disease

Canadian Diabetes Association Nutrition Basics - A resource provided by the CDA about eating healthy. Useful for everyone; not just diabetics!

Canadian Back Institute Injuries and Conditions - An excellent resource on musculoskeletal injuries, and exercises that can be done to prevent them

College of Family Physicians of Canada Patient resources - Informative articles designed for patients about common medical issues - Patient resource created by the American Family of Physicians, containing lots of useful information and tools

Hypertension Canada - General information about high blood pressure

Mayo Clinic - Contains useful patient information about common medical conditions - A new website maintained by the Government of Alberta, with a lot of useful information about healthy living, medical conditions, and medications.

ParticipACTION - Website that provides general tips on keeping active

Safe Kids Canada - webpage designed for parents to provide information about children safety (eg. car seats, poison prevention, etc)

Sodium101 - All about salt intake

X-ray Risk - Online calculator that estimates the dose of radiation from different imaging studies (eg. CT scan, X-rays)